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Dauntless Guide: Best Repeaters Build for Maximizing Damage


Dauntless is the new free to play RPG based on the multiplayer component and also co-op, developed by the software house Phoenix Labs; founded by Jesse Houston, one of the former developers of Riot Games, and boasted by several former developers of well-known developer companies, such as BioWare, Capcom and Blizzard. Since its actual release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the game has achieved great success, quietly surpassing the threshold of 4 million unique players.

Defined as the brother of Monster Hunter, in Dauntless we will take the form of a Hunter, charged with restoring order to the world after it was struck by a catastrophe, freeing, in turn, monstrous creatures called Behemoths. The new RPG offers its players a wide selection of weapons from both melee and distance, with the ability to create and enhance them. Today we want to suggest one of the current strongest Repeaters builds of the game, based more on attack speed through the use of Ostian Repeaters.

  • Cells: +3 Predator Cell, +3 Swift Cell
  • Barrel: The recommended projectiles vary based on the type of combat against the Behemoths.
  • Chamber: Full-Bore Chamber + 15
  • Grip: Captain’s Grip + 15 | If you are playing in co-op you can also use the Saboteur’s handle.
  • Prism: Searing Prism + 15
  • Mod: Lucky Magazine

The cells can enhance your equipment, simply infuse into weapons, armor, or lanterns, directly from the equipment screen. As for the equipment to be used with this build, find the recommended ones below.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Helm: Helmet Hell +15 – Perks: +3 Ragehunter – Cell: +3 Cell of Evasive Fury
  • Bust: Infernal Armor +15 – Perks: +3 Melt – Cell: +3 Cell of Evasive Fury
  • Arms: Infernal Arms +15 – Perks: +3 Melt – Cell: +3 Cell Ragehunter
  • Legs: Stride of Thorns +15 – Perks: +3 Predator – Cell: +3 Conduit Cell
  • Lantern: Eye of Drask – Cell: +3 Conduit Cell

Following this guide, you will have a faster attack speed against the creatures that inhabit the world of Dauntless. On our site, you can also find a guide on the best types of weapons to start playing the game. We remind you that if you want to try Dauntless, just go to the official website of the game here.