Darksiders 3 game world will be more contained compared to the second chapter

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As stated by Reinhard Pollice of THQ Nordic, the game world of Darksiders 3 will be smaller than a vast and the second installment in the series.

Darksiders 2 had a gigantic open world and was very different from the original game, but the developers with the release of the third chapter don’t want to embellish on their same footsteps, as it will be very limited compared to its predecessor.

According to the words of Reinhard Pollice of THQ Nordic, it looks like Darksiders 3 will not be “big” as the second chapter, but will offer more limited gaming experience like the first chapter, offering players a nostalgic gameplay.

In this case, the idea of the developers of Gunfire Games (mostly former members of Virgil Games) does not consist in the creation of a boundless world, but in giving life to a map that is cohesive, compact and interconnected, as already stated in the past few weeks.

“Our game is not trying to be a big open world RPG like Darksiders 2. It’s more contained like Darksiders 1. We built the world in a way that there is a natural sense of coming back to places but also the player always has choices where he wants to go and there is obviously a good amount of sides and secrets to discover,” were the words of Pollice.

Darksiders 3 will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the course of 2018.


  • Good. Needless loot and seemingly infinite amount of dungeons with a requirement of collecting 3 of something sprawling into even MORE tasks to collect 3 of something was making the second game… rather grindy, somehow.
    Just be a gritty Legend of Zelda, Darksiders (not Breath of the Wild, though, I’ve had enough of that MGSV “do it your way” bul*sh*t which made me feel doing the same thing again and again and again… Seriously, I pay money for video games in order to get entertained by the developer’s adventure, not just give me a sh*tl*ad of tools and a barebones story and shove me into a huge world to entertain myself).

  • Thank Christ, That was literally the worst thing about Darksiders 2 next to the trash loot system. They should have left the 2nd game the way the first was designed. There doesn’t need to be a giant open map and trash loot system if none of it makes any difference in the end and it turns into just going back and forth collecting trash loot thats almost always worse than what you have equipped.

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