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Darkest Dungeon leaves Steam Early Access for January 19, 2016 release

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Developed by the studio Red Hook, Darkest Dungeon is a RPG game pushing you to form a team to explore dungeons which will be the field for many battles turn-based. For now only available in Early Access on Steam, the title just found an official release date.

Darkest Dungeon Screenshot
Darkest Dungeon Screenshot

The fans can rest assured now since Darkest Dungeon will be part of these miracles that will be able to get out of early access. This will be done in a little over three months since the Red Hook title is for now available on 19 January 2016.

In addition to the usual various patches, players can count on a last big patch that should arrive in the month of November. This will bring – The Abomination, a playable hero Designed in collaboration with donors bearing Lord which was proposed during the Kickstarter campaign, and two new monsters kept secret. Recall that Darkest Dungeon is currently offered on Steam and costs 19.99 dollars.