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Darkest Dungeon Early Access Patch download available now

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Darkest Dungeon Early Access Patch is available for download. This new patch is going to bring a lot of changes in the game. The game developer Red Hook Games has also provided a pdf file that offers you complete details on the patch. We are providing a download link of the pdf file below. The document offers detailed information about the Early Access patch. This game was released on February 3, 2015 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, OS X and Mac OS. This early access patch is going to offer much new stuffs. A few things that I can offer you is a bit detail about the patch. It is going to add Houndmaster Hero!

Darkest Dungeon Screenshot
Darkest Dungeon Screenshot

The patch is also going to add a Steam Cloud Save so that you can simply work back on your progress and play the game from the last point you had left. After getting the patch it is now possible to have Diseases and Quirks separately.  Below you can find more information and if you want to read the same you can just download the pdf file.

Darkest Dungeon Early Access Patch Logs:

  • Houndmaster Hero!
  • Steam Cloud Save
  • In-Game Glossary: access it by clicking the BOOK icon in town
  • Sanitarium reworked: lock positive quirks, treat diseases
  • Diseases and Quirks now separate
  • Replaced enemy tooltip with full enemy panel!
  • Corpses in combat
  • Medicinal Herbs and Holy Water now consumable
  • Class adjustments and skill changes
  • Lots of general balancing and tuning
  • Audio enhancements
  • …and more!

HOTFIX Additions Build 9706

  • added option for Debug Output viewing: toggle it on via the OPTIONS screen
  • added more CONTROLS screen text
  • Man-at-Arms/Retribution NERF to initial attack damage, scaling riposte dmg bonus, riposte crit bonus
  • fungal artillery acc+
  • L3/L5 monsters dmg and crit+
  • fixed missing Medical Ward strings
  • fixed missing Houndmaster “Pep Talk” camping skill
  • adjusted surprise percentages
  • increased dark stress some
  • fixed a few bugs and draw errors
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Download Darkest Dungeon Early Access Patch Build Notes from here.