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Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch Release Date Leaked By Amazon Italy

In January of this year, we learned that Bandai Namco would launch Dark Souls: Remastered on May 24 for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Unfortunately, the game was delayed on the hybrid console, leaving the fans without a specific release date. Well, it seems that there is very little left for Nintendo users to play the title.

In one more story of premature leaks, we have Amazon Italy, an online store that updated the product sheet of Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch, noting that it will debut on August 1 of the current year.

At the moment, the date of the debut of Dark Souls Remastered for Switch has not been confirmed by Bandai Namco, so we have to wait for official details. The ideal thing now is to take this information as a rumor. On the other hand, remember that online stores tend to reveal important data ahead of time.

When Bandai Namco announced this delay, it calmed the fans by telling them that Dark Souls Remastered would be ready for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the summer, that is, between June and September. It seems that very little is needed to know the precise data about the launch of the game.

In addition to bringing the game to Switch, the studio will also sell a Dark Souls amiibo figure, which could be ready on the aforementioned date. Also, it is a fact that before the debut of Dark Souls Remastered there will be a Beta to assess the online features.

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