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Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 available for download on April 18


Bandai Namco entertainment and From Software have announced the next update for Dark Souls 3. It seems to arrive in the next week.

Dark Souls III 1.04

Bandai Namco Entertainment and From Software have announced that Dark Souls 3, more precisely on 18 April 2016 in the coming week, will get a new update 1.04 version for the game. This is true for all three platforms. The update 1.04 for Dark Souls 3 will be available at the following times, with no server failures that are to be expected:

・ PS4 – APRIL 18 at 16.00
・ Xbox One – APRIL 18 14:00 to 5:00 p.m.
・ PC (listed as 1.03.1) – APRIL 18 at 11 am

A few days ago in the western markets Dark Souls III game debuted and as we know, some players encountered various problems, but the studio FromSoftware is working regularly to solve this issues, releasing new patch 1.04 version for the game.

The patch will improve overall efficiency production and many other things listed below. Additionally, the company Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today that the first expansion pack will be released in autumn this year. Unfortunately no details are given about it. In any case, we would like you to checkout Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 notes below:

Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 Changelogs:

・ Performance adjustment for “Greatsword”
・ Battle performance adjustment for “Dancer’s Enchanted Sword”, “Winged Knight Twinaxes”
・ Performance adjustment for “Soul’s Greatsword”, and “Farron Flashsword”
・ Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at “Road of Sacrifices”, “Farron Keep”, “Cathedral of the Deep” after clearing the game.
・ General balance adjustments and bug fixes


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