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Dark Souls III download available in Japan on March 24, 2016; PS4 Online Beta tests run in October 16 to 18, 2015

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Dark Souls III will be first coming in Japan. The first download will be provided on 24th March 2016. Before this there will be a beta test that will start from 16th October and will continue till 18th Oct of this year. The game release is not yet finalized for different platforms. This would be the first beta test that will let players to have hand on this new game. So that would be something new to test out. But yet this thing is having a region based limitation.

Dark Souls III Screenshot
Dark Souls III Screenshot

Dark Souls III is an action role paying game. This game is having lot more better graphics. The game is very much similar to its previous edition. The story will continue with a lot of new changes and additions. But the gameplay is going to borrow a lot of things from the previous edition. The gameplay design here is said to be having a close relation with the previous edition. So if you had played Dark Souls II then it would be lot easier for you to understand and play the new edition.

Dark Souls III will also have more additions in the inventory part. It is going to have a lot of weapons with short bows and also new explosives. There will be some additions in swords also. So this time players would have a lot of new things to discover under the combat system. Like having a shield to simply push or avoid an enemy attack. There will be lot of things to checkout in the Dark Souls III. We have to wait for a gameplay video.