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Dark Souls III Demo playable at Gamescom

Dark Souls III initial release date is not yet set. The game is planned to appear in the year 2016 but when, it is still a suspense. Yet there are chances to test this game earlier. A Dark Souls III Demo will be offered for users to test at Gamescom. So if you are planning to checkout this game and lot more other game demos then you need to register yourself in the upcoming Gamescom event. There will be many other playable demos provided. A small video was released that shows a glimpse of Dark Souls III. But it does not tell much. There were new characters, new region, etc. Dark Souls III would be a kind of big title for the next year. The game looks very impressive in the video. But yet there is nothing much provided. So talking much about this game is not possible.

Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

Yet in Gamescom it is possible to find out what new stuff will be in Dark Souls 3 through the demo. Gamescom is the next biggest thing coming up after E3. A lot new video game details will be revealed in the event. Dark Souls II was released on March 11, 2014. It is now more than a year and the upcoming sequel for the same is still pending. It is good if the game developer can reveal a release date. The previous version of this game was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. And so the new version might also make its way on all platforms evenly.

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