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Dark Souls III Announcement Trailer

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The third edition of Dark Souls is announced and an official trailer for the game is released. You can check out the trailer at the end of this article. Dark Souls III is an open world RPG type game that is going to come on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new game trailer shows up a dark world, creepy and thrilling. There are some really weird and scary characters. Dark Souls III is only announced and release date for the same is not yet confirmed. There are rumors that the game will come in 2016. The short trailer only gives a tiny glimpse about the game. Nothing much is wrapped up in the video. Two editions of this series before this were quite a hit. There is lot of rumors about the game about the release and about the gameplot. Being a new edition it is obvious that there will be lot more and better enhancements. There are many titles already set to release on consoles and platform, revealed in E3 2015. So there can be a bit competitive environment for the game also. Being a dark fantasy game, it is obvious that there will be more demand from the gamers end.

According to me, there must be some changes made in the story line with lot of twist and add-on that can let players to move through the gameplot without getting much bored. As from past few years we had played a lot of similar games.  A few leaked videos are still on YouTube that claims to be a short gameplay of Dark Souls III although it could be rumors though.