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Dark Souls Dev FromSoftware could be working on a new dark fantasy action-RPG for home consoles

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The Ringed City marked the closing of the Dark Souls saga, but it would seem that From Software is still determined to produce another action-RPG title from the dark fantasy style.

On the website of Silicon Studio, there was recently seen an advertisement for an unnamed company looking for a 2D designer for a temporary job on a dark fantasy action-RPG in 3D for the home consoles.

As mentioned above, the advertisement is anonymous, but it is important to note one detail: the headquarters of the software house is seven minutes from Sasazuka Station, on the Keiō Line of Tokyo. Well, as stated on its official website, the coordinates lead us right in the name of From Software.

According to some reports, the fact that it is a temporary work might suggest that the company is already at a good point in the development phase of its new game, and who is looking for collaborators to refine and flesh out the game assets (in this case we speak of textures for characters and backgrounds).

At this point we could only speculate on the possible arrival of a result of the much appreciated Bloodborne, or a completely original IP. However, we want to specify that nothing contained herein is officially confirmed.

There only remains to wait for From Software to officially reveal its future plans. What do you expect after the closing of the Dark Souls saga? Let us know in the comments below.

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