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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC details leaked by Famitsu

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In a recent article, the Japanese Famitsu magazine has revealed the information regarding The Ringed City, second and last DLC reserved for Dark Souls 3. To be precise, it hints to some characters and enemies, which provide clues on the lore of the game.

We point out, however, that the foregoing may contain spoilers, so please those who wish to avoid any anticipation of The Ringed City should not go any further in reading below.

Those article published by Famitsu are not clear, but rather references. The article speaks of angels (servants of Gertrude), an armored knight who has lost his memory, a giant ash, and a sword that came from the Chaos Flame, source of Pyromancy Chaos. In The Ringed City, the player must chase Gael, the one who is trapped in the world of Ariandel in the first DLC.

The article also cites a monster known as the “Abyss Dragon”, fought in the past by the Knights of Millwood (also met as enemies in the first DLC). Further hints regarding a name of a Filianor woman glimpsed in the trailer with a ball in her hands, a new armor coming from the Age of the Gods and a new creature similar to the Pilgrims of Lothric.

Of course, to know more we will have to wait until the release of The Ringed City, scheduled for March 28. The expansion is included in the Season Pass of Dark Souls 3 but can also be purchased individually.