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Dark Souls 3: How to find Secret Boss of The Ringed City (Spoiler)

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The series of Dark Souls have become accustomed in recent years, its many secrets and mysteries, like the illusionary walls, shortcuts, hidden passages, and The Ringed City, the second and final expansion of Dark Souls 3, is no less. In this guide, we will explain how to find the secret boss of the DLC, but beware, it contains spoilers about the plot of the game.

The Ringed City is the second and final DLC produced by From Software for Dark Souls III. In this new guide for Dark Souls III: The Ringed City, we will see how we can find the secret boss of the new DLC.

Many fans of the series have decided to buy The Ringed City, without even waiting for the next Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition, due out on April 21 and contains all the expansions of the title.

This guide will reveal how to find the secret boss of the new expansion in a few easy steps.

First of all, you must follow the main path of the new expansion, up to the bonfire of Ringed Inner Wall. At this point, we must descend along the spire, follow the short path you will be facing and then climb on a wide staircase on the right.

At the door at the top of the stairs we will find an NPC that will give us a quest in which we will have to defeat a dragon.

From here, you will need to proceed to the next bonfire, in Shared Grave. Once reaching the bonfire we will have to climb stairs and cross the wide open space with a bridge in the background. Then we fight against the dragon, who once defeated will fall into a gulf beneath.

Just before the bonfire in the church, inside of the chapel where there is another boss, there is a spire containing a lot of statues of the Black Knight.

We then head towards the interior elevator leading to shortcut to the bonfire of Ringed Inner Wall, and then move into the room on the right.

From this room, we have to walk the corridor on the left until you reach the statue of the black Knight. While calling it, the statue will not limb, but the sword alone. Hitting the statue will reveal a false wall that leads to the boss room.

To challenge him, we just throw ourselves into the abyss, and in case you were wondering, that of Ringed Inner Wall is the bonfire near the boss.

The process is not very long, but it can be complex without a visual aid, so please follow the footage shown at the bottom of this guide for solving a little puzzle that you will find on your way, before you can descend into the abyss and face the creature.