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Dark Souls 3 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Dark Souls 3 is a new action role-playing game that is going to release next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. A game trailer is out in Gamescom 2015 giving up a lot of information on the new gameplay and new features this game is going to have. Dark Souls 3 is going to have a lot of similarity in terms of gameplay comparing to its older series. The game is quite popular when it was released. Now, the new edition is all set to appear next year. The game is based on a strategically environment where you will be dealing with various kind of creatures and enemies in the battlefield. The game is based on dealing with difficulties and taking the right decision when needed. It is an open world game that also gives you a lot of new areas to explore. The video below shows up palaces, enemies and lot of new content. But yet it has a long time for the release.

Dark Souls 3 Pics
Dark Souls 3 Pics

The last series that came a few years ago is having a lot of interesting stuffs and we can expect new things in comparison to that. Like for example the humanity system. It would be interesting to wait back and see what all new things this game is going to provide. It is already a popular title and gamers might not expect similar content in the same. It is expected to get the game in the first quarter of next year but yet there is no word from the developer’s side.