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Dark Souls 3 – Combat and Boss Fight Gameplay Video

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Dark Souls 3 is the next series in the game that is going to release in the year 2016. Yet an actual release date is not finalized for this game. Dark Souls 3 is an impressive game that takes you to a different journey of dungeons and mystical lands. There are two videos below. This two video gives you in-depth details about the gameplay and its combat systems. There are ample of upgrades, weapons, etc; the player will be getting in this game. The video shows a boss fight as well. Dark Souls 3 looks like a pretty long game through the below video. There was only one chapter played. As per the game series it always has a long storyline with lots of twist and turns. Among this two video one is 16 minute long that explains a lot about the game. So here Dark Souls 3 looks like a very promising game.

Dark Souls 3 Screenshot
Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

The boss fight is something worth to see. Dark Souls 3 final release date is not yet confirmed. But from the video itself it looks good from all angles. The new story will be having a lot more better story. That’s what the game developer has recently said about this game. It would take more over exploration of new areas with linked quest and mission. This unfolds the next story ahead. The videos are long enough to explain a lot of things, but having the boss fight in the end was not expected. The boss shows up like a really creepy creature that does not look very easy to defeat.