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Burnout Spiritual Successor Dangerous Driving Will Have Native Integration with Spotify

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Burnout is one of the most beloved racing franchises in the community, in large part due to its ridiculous game modes focused on colliding with opponents and making them explode. The Three Fields Entertainment studio is developing a spiritual successor called Dangerous Driving and announced that it will be compatible with the Spotify music service.

In an interview for The Game Informer Show, Alex Ward, founder of Three Fields Entertainment, confirmed that Dangerous Driving will be the first title to have native integration with Spotify, which means that you will get the option to select all the sounds on the radio.

“When I drive, there is some music, certain playlists that I like to play, so what we did was get in touch with Spotify, we said ‘we think there is a lot more you can do in video games with your service’ and they answered us ‘Okay, show us what you can do’.

So, instead of buying song licenses, which is what most games do, is it not better that when you drive you can choose the music?”

To exemplify this great feature, Ward recommended starting the game by putting AC/DC, as he assured that with that band they are “a great 20 initial minutes.” Thus, after they have passed Highway to Hell, Back in Black and Thunderstruck, users will arrive at the first big event that unlocks a supercar.

Dangerous Driving will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC (exclusively at the Epic Games Store) on April 9. Watch the Dangerous Driving trailer below or the full interview here: