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Cyberpunk 2077’s marketing campaign already planned

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After the momentary conclusion of the series of The Witcher, CD Projekt RED is concentrating all its efforts in the production of Cyberpunk 2077, a title which, according to developers themselves, will be even more ambitious than the games dedicated to Geralt of Rivia.

In the last meeting with shareholders, CD Projekt RED has revealed that it has already planned promotional campaign of Cyberpunk 2077, although its output is still some way off.

According to the CEO, Marcin Iwinski, marketing will be based on the surprise element.  There are very scarce information we have about the title, but in the last meeting with the shareholders, the Polish company has said that they already have clear ideas about the marketing campaign of its new game.

“The promotional campaign (for Cyberpunk 2077) is already planned. It’s main element is the surprise, so I cannot even say when it will begin. Simply because it has to come as a surprise,” are the statements made by Marcin Kicinski, CEO of the company.

So we will have to wait for some time to be able to see Cybberpunk 2077 in action again. The E3 2017 could be the perfect stage to spread new details about the game, although we know that the developer CD Projekt RED has said that – although the work continues to the best- there will be no announcements during 2017.