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Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creation Confirmed, Game Is Technologically “Very Advanced”

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CD Projekt RED has unveiled new clues regarding Cyberpunk 2077.

During the financial presentation of the fiscal year of CD Project RED, the President Adam Kiciński announced that he was dying to say something more about Cyberpunk 2077, but that he was not allowed to do so.

In the end, pressed by the questions, Kiciński unveiled some small details.

Apparently, the technology of the game is really very advanced, able to work with future generations. The president also confirmed that it will be possible to create your own character and choose the class. Currently, the team is working on the development of an important single player campaign, but Kiciński prefers not to exclude even a multiplayer component.

Asked if CD Projekt RED is considering the Battle Royale mode, the CEO said that the studio is currently investigating all possibilities and does not feel like excluding anything.

Ultimately, Kiciński has unveiled that the team is looking at the new hybrid console of Nintendo Switch with great interest, and even if there is no collaboration for now, in the future the speech will change.

By the way: Do you know that CD Projekt RED has opened a new development office? The same guys from the development team (CD Projekt RED) of the much-acclaimed and mammoth fantasy Action-RPG Open-World Fantasy, The Witcher 3, have opened a new studio in Wroclaw (Wroclaw, Poland) to support the development of their latest ambitious effort from the exquisitely Cyberpunk (2077) scent.