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Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Looking for A Combat Designer, Hints At Companion Characters

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CD Projekt RED has published a new job announcement for Cyberpunk 2077, looking for the figure of a Combat Encounter Designer who is able to realize “memorable” combats and open to the freedom of approach promised by the game.

The announcement leaks some interesting detail about the combats of Cyberpunk 2077. Below we list the tasks that the ideal candidate should cover:

1. Work with Quest Designers, Open World Designers, Level Designers and Environment Artists to design memorable combat encounters based on predefined narrative, environmental and gameplay themes.
2. Take encounter “shells” delivered by other teams and using our proprietary visual scripting language; script combat AI and flow, memorable moments/set pieces and companion AI.
3. Working with Level Designers and Environmental Artists, ensure level geometry serves the needs of the combat encounter.
4. Work with AI Designers and AI Programmers to ensure you have the necessary control over AI to script both stealth and action based encounters.
5. Dedicate yourself to understanding all player verbs, allowing yourself to craft divergent experiences that cater to all available playstyles.
6. Help define combat scripting standards and ensure consistency in implementation across the project.
7. Working with Gameplay Designers, proactively suggest improvements to core combat systems and principles.

As we can see from the announcement, the combats point to the perfect integration with the narrative themes and with the possible approaches left to the player. Recall that CD Projekt RED will present at E3 2018: finally, we will know more about Cyberpunk 2077?