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CYBER Gadget will release an accessory to increase screen size of New Nintendo 3DS XL

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Big screens are becoming more fashionable on portable devices; it is almost unimaginable to find models of smartphones and portable consoles with less than five inches of diagonal, and New Nintendo 3DS XL has 4.88 inches. The case of the Wii U GamePad and the Nintendo Switch screen is set to 6.2 inches, objective that has been identified by those responsible at CYBER Gadget, which have announced an accessory that increases the screen of New Nintendo 3DS XL even those to 15.74 cm of diagonal which is translated to the 6.2 inches.

What do you think of the idea of ​​increasing the screen of your New Nintendo 3DS XL to the same size of the screen of the latest console of Nintendo Switch? An accessory to be launched by the renowned Cyber ​​Gadget company in Japan promises to do just that.

The image above shows that by coupling this accessory on the New Nintendo 3DS XL the top screen of the portable, which has a standard size of 4.88 inches, increases to 6.2 inches, which is the same screen size as the new hybrid gaming system from Nintendo that arrives in stores on March 3.

The price will be 1,000 yen (about 9 euros) and it works with the superposition of two plastics, one of greater length than the previous one, through a specific position. It is unknown whether or not it will reach the West.

Although this accessory probably makes some adjustments to adapt the game’s image to the larger screen, obviously the final resolution of the screen of the New Nintendo 3DS XL should not come close to the resolution in high definition of 720p offered by the screen of the Nintendo Switch in its portable mode, but it can be an interesting acquisition for those who enjoy playing their portable adventures in the most “magnificent” way possible.

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