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Cuphead Sold Over 1 Million Copies on Steam Alone


Cuphead had sold 1 million copies altogether a couple of weeks after the game’s launch, according to Studio MDHR in October, but it seems that the trend continues to be positive for the stunning antique style shooter.

Cuphead has exceeded the quota of one million copies sold on Steam since September 29th. According to SteamSpy data, to date, the game has recorded 1,004,328 downloads from Steam alone, excluding thus the data of the Xbox One version and the sales on GOG and Windows Store.

There are currently no more accurate data about it, but the development team has been satisfied with the receipt it received recently and confirmed that “Guaranteed you’ll see Cuphead at some point”, however, it is not clear if the reference was to a sequel or to any new content for the game.

Some insiders are talking about an alleged mobile version under development, which has been analyzed after analyzing the success of many unlicensed clones of the game for iOS and Android. Recently, some fans have created an amateur short film, and an arcade cabinet of Cuphead, thus showing their love for the game.

There is no reason to wait for any announcements about the overall official figures for total game sales, even if digital titles are never easy to get exact numbers. In any case, the risky operation of Studio MDHR seems to have been successful and we hope it can lead to further interesting projects by the Moldenhauer brothers team, who apparently have already started working on something new.

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