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Cuphead-Style Enchanted Portals Kickstarter Delayed Following Negotiation With Publisher

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We have already talked about the basic idea behind Enchanted Portals, an independent game that was accused of copying Cuphead. The plan of Xixo Game Studios, its development studio, was to make a Kickstarter to get money for its development; however, this fundraising campaign could be canceled, but not for the reason you expect.

Through a message on Facebook, Xixo revealed that they are in the middle of a negotiation with a publisher. In case that agreement is closed, then they would have the money needed to develop Enchanted Portals, so the Kickstarter campaign could be canceled. That said, they are still unsure that this will happen, so at the moment they only delayed the campaign.

“We’re super happy to announce that we’re in the middle of negotiations with a publisher! Things are still in the air so we’re not going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign just yet, but we will be delaying it indefinitely while we sort all of this out,” said the studio.

Now, that such an agreement is closed could also mean that Enchanted Portals will begin its development earlier than expected and be larger than originally planned: “This is really good news because if all goes well we could be start working on our game much sooner than expected, being able to solely focus on production and with a much higher scope than we previously thought possible!”

In case you don’t know, Enchanted Portals is a project of Xixo Game Studios, a Spanish development studio. This project has been criticized for presenting a style very similar to Cuphead, to the extent that several users have labeled it as a simple copy of the game.

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And what do you think about Enchanted Portals? Tell us in the comments below. You can see more about the project in the following trailer below: