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Cuphead Dev: The Success Means We Get To Keep Making Games for A Long Time

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Last September the players of Xbox One and PC were finally able to try Cuphead, a title developed by StudioMDHR that delighted the audience by its game mechanics, its difficulty and, above all, its art style inspired by the classic cartoons of the first half of the twentieth century. The development of the game took time and recently the Moldenhauer brothers talked about their experience after the launch.

In a presentation at the Montreal International Game Summit 2017, the brothers Chad, Jared and Maja Moldenhauer talked about the balance of their experience after bringing Cuphead to fruition and noticing that the fans liked it.

Chad began his participation stating the following: “The commercial success really just means we get to keep making games for hopefully as long as we live, and that is the best part of it.” On the other hand, Maja Moldenhauer, the sister who is dedicated to the operative part of StudioMHDR, revealed that at the beginning she considered her brothers as “just a couple of dorks in our basement trying to make a game”, because they were not deeply involved in development issues or they participated in the scene.

Although the anecdote about the mortgage of the house of the Moldenhauer to develop the world of Cuphead was news and the process of creation attracted the attention of the industry, Maja Moldenhauer insisted that the success of the studio and the game should not be tackled from a point of romantic sight, because they did not go from having anything to success in one step, on the contrary, it was a work that progressed little by little.

Regarding the difficulty of Cuphead, Jared Moldenhauer revealed that the intention was to revive the feeling of frustration produced by the difficult titles of the old school: “We wanted to bring that feeling back. I wasn’t certain we were going to make games in the future, so if I’m only going to make one, I wanted it to be in the way of the games that I love and I was raised on.”

Finally, the Moldenhauer brothers were surprised by the response of the fans around the art of Cuphead and assured that they will not take a radical position with the creations of the fans, as happens with other companies such as Disney. In that sense, Chad Moldenhauer revealed that they already had a close relationship with the company, but not based on something specific: “Disney called early on, but it wasn’t for any crazy reasons, reaching out, touching base. Maybe in the future, there’s some project we might be able to work on.”

Cuphead is available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.