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Crytek Studio Reborn as Black Sea Games

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One of the 5 studios that were closed by Crytek, called Sofia, has been reborn in the form of a new development company now called as Black Sea Games; this new studio is made up of a group of former Crytek developers.

After announcing the crisis that Crytek is going through, the studio of Sofia has decided to disengage and become independent studio as Black Sea Games.

In fact, this is the same group that created games like Knights of Honor and WorldShift, and before it was acquired by Crytek it already had the name of Black Sea Studios. In 2008, the distributor had renamed it as Crytek Black Sea.

After almost a decade under the shelter of Crytek, the studyio was closed because the company presented financial problems as they sought a
refocusing of their resources and projects. This officially led to the closure of the offices of Frankfurt and Kiev.

The new and resurged Black Sea Games will be an independent studio leaded by Vesselin Handjiev, founder of the original Black Sea Studios, and who was also director of games at Crytek Black Sea.

This newly formed studio is already working on a project that has not been announced.

We will have to wait for the moment to see what ends up happening with Crytek, and if more of its studios end up detaching from the company.

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