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Crytek has closed its studios in Sofia, Budapest, Istanbul, Seoul and Shanghai

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Crytek announced today the closure of five studios of its properties of the company: Crytek Black Sea (Sofia), Crytek Budapest, Crytek Istanbul, Crytek Seoul and Crytek Shanghai. But it remains active in the Kiev and Frankfurt studios.

Hard times, very hard for Crytek. The software company behind Crysis and the recent Robinson: The Journey for PS VR is indeed at the center of heavy criticism for several weeks by its own employees for the delay in payment, or in some cases the total lack of payments. Today came a sad news that seems to confirm the delicate moment of Crytek (for the moment the SH has not yet ruled on legal disputes and problems with salaries): the company has closed the fineness of five divisions out of seven.

Crytek in recent years has expanded with more scattered studios in several parts of the world. After today’s decision, however, only the Frankfurt and Kiev studios will remain operational. The divisions in Hungary, Turkey, China, South Korea and Bulgaria infact close their doors, perhaps forever.

Avni Yerli, co-founder of the company, has announced that Crytek will continue to develop IP and premium franchise for PC and console, the CryEngine also remains one of the pillars of society. The decision to close the five studios is due to the desire to re-align the resources of the company and optimize the production and development process, so as to get back to being competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

In these years, the group has suffered from various financial crises, with this maneuver Crytek wants to reduce operational and management costs, with the aim of creating quality stocks capable of generating profits.