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Crystal Dynamics possibly teasing Legacy of Kain remake/remaster

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Crystal Dynamics has published a series of Tweet (the last of which just this morning) dedicated to the series of Legacy of Kain, now stalled for many years after the cancellation of Legacy of Kain Dead Sun.

The bosses of Crystal Dynamics have published on Twitter an image depicting Raziel, one of Soul Reaver’s protagonists accompanied by a text that does seem to hint the return of the title.

The Tweets are extremely critical and are limited to some of the salient moments of Blood Omen Legacy of Kain, Blood Omen Legacy of Kain 2 and Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver.

It is not said that the messages are in any way linked to a new episode of the series, and indeed this revelation seems to be largely remote at the moment, particularly after the commercial failure of the free spin-off of Nosgoth.

As it is easily predictable, the most disparate theories about the return of the Legacy of Kain brand seems to be imminent.

To date, it is not yet possible to know any official information, so we recommend that you take what has just been reported with the due precautions and treat it all as a mere rumor.

In any case, what do you think about the return of Legacy of Kain?