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Rumor: Crysis Remaster Could Release in 2020, In Development At EA

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During the last financial report published a few days ago, Electronic Arts said that it wanted to create remastered versions of some of its most popular classic titles from gamers around the world. According to what some rumors say, one of these could be Crysis Remaster.

Last August, Crytek published the trailer for its CryEngine 5.6, which contained several sequences taken from the first Crysis. Enthusiasts immediately thought that the team was working on a possible Crysis 4 or a Crysis Remaster of the first chapter. There is still nothing official but it is likely that the video material in question was taken from a preliminary build of a Crysis remastering, at least as reported by some insiders apparently close to the publisher.

Nothing official has been announced yet and the video in question just wants to showcase the full power of CryEngine 5.6, while the Crysis references could only be small easter eggs for now.

According to a user of Resetera, Crysis Remaster could be released in 2020 with a future release also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Since there is still no certainty about it, we are not sure if it will only be the remastering of the first chapter or whether the subsequent sequels will also be reviewed.

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