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Crusader Kings 2: Horse Lords DLC download available today

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Crusader Kings 2 is an old game that came out first in February 14, 2012. The game was released on PC for different operating system. The game developer Paradox after quite a long time has unveiled a new DLC called as Horse Lords. The gameplay is pretty impressive when it comes to strategy games. Rather having a new version the game developer is going to release a new DLC for the same. And the release date is today July 14.

Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords DLC Screenshot
Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords DLC Screenshot

Crusader Kings 2 has got more than 40+ DLC on Steam. If you are planning to get all of them at once, then Steam has a bundle pack offer for the same. The entire bundle of this DLC can cost you around $119.99 USD while if you go with individual then you have to pay separately and that would cost you more amount.

But this does not include this latest Horse Lords DLC. This DLC is the 8th major expansion for the game. The cost of the same is not yet revealed. The game offers you a different religion to deal with. You can play the same kind of gameplay that you are playing in other DLCs or levels, but with new region. The features of this DLC include a nomadic rule where the country is ruled by tribal government. This government is not having any kind of permanent status that we see in an established empire. This might look like a bit outdated world, but here you have less limitation of exploring new places and you can go ahead to fight with more dominance.

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