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Crossover between Mario and Rabbids game confirmed by Michel Ancel?

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It has long been a talk about a crossover set between the series of Super Mario RPG and Rabbids, according to some insiders the game would be in development for Nintendo Switch, however, Ubisoft has not announced anything yet. A photo posted on Instagram by Michel Ancel seems to confirm the existence of this title though.

The last time we told you about the alleged crossover between Mario and Rabbids we have stressed that according to rumor, we should find in front of a strategy title compared to mechanics to a masterpiece of the genre like XCOM. The game that should be in development at Ubisoft is far from confirmed but a recent image shared by Michel Ancel has definitely intrigued many gamers.

As seen in the above picture, Michel Ancel has published an image accompanied by the following caption “Everyday’s life … Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified…”

Certainly we do not find ourselves in front of a confirmation, however, the reference to Super Mario RPG and Rabbids definitely seems curious. At the time of this writing, Ubisoft has confirmed the arrival of Steep, Rayman Legends Final Edition and Just Dance 2017 on Switch, other projects will be revealed shortly.

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