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Crewnecks vs V Necks: What’s the difference?

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The two most common t-shirt styles are crewnecks and V-necks. Just pick one and be done with it. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, not exactly. The discussions about the superior style or whether one should wear a V-neck at all have lasted since the invention of the two. Confused? Don’t blame yourself, so were we, until we put things on paper and created this guide about the world’s two favourite tees. So, crewnecks vs. V-necks. What’s the difference? And when should you choose one or the other?

Crewneck t-shirts 

Crewneck is the OG of t-shirts. Initially worn under clothes to keep dirt and sweat away, these tees were beloved by army men and sailors (hence the name crewneck). 

Crewnecks have round collars that are closely fitted to your neck and are the favourite style among guys young and old, traditional and liberal. 

This tee is super versatile and can be worn as an undershirt, for layering or as the main piece of the outfit. When it comes to fit, you can opt for tight, loose or somewhere in between. 

The crewneck is a true wardrobe workhorse, and every guy should have a few in their fashion arsenal. Check out Fresh Clean Tees collection of crewnecks tees for men here:

V-neck t-shirts 

If the crewneck is a fashion workhorse, then the V-neck is the show pony. The V-neck neckline is, well, V-shaped and has gained popularity in the last two decades. 

First invented as an undergarment that doesn’t have a collar popping out from underneath, V-necks quickly graduated from being worn under sweaters or shirts to the main outfit choice for going out. 

Because V-necks are a little controversial (should a guy show off his chest?), it became more popular among guys who want to make a statement and stand out. 

And nobody can deny that a V-neck is more interesting than a crewneck. If you’re going for a more put-together look, want to impress your date with the fruits of your gym labour or just need something fresh, V-necks are there for you. 

Lastly, because of the V-neck shape, these tees are very popular with shorter guys as they have a lengthening visual effect. 

When to choose a crewneck tee

Whenever you need something casual, e.g. for going to grab a coffee, trip to the mall or just running errands around town, a crewneck tee is your go-to. 

It looks great paired with a blazer, jeans and sneakers or tight chinos and a leather jacket. A night at the pub? Yes, please. Casual lunch date? Crewnecks have got your back. 

When it comes to your body shape, crewnecks create a great widening effect for narrow shoulders by creating an optical illusion. This tee and the neckline is also the go-to for guys with longer necks or narrow faces as it balances things out.

When to avoid a crewneck tee? Firstly, never wear a crewneck under a shirt because the collar will pop out, and that’s a massive faux pas. Feel free to wear it with your sweaters or jumpers.

Also, if you’re going for a more formal look, crewnecks might not be your first choice.

When to choose a V-neck tee

 V-necks were invented to be an undergarment; that’s why when reaching for an undershirt, you should always reach for a V-neck. 

Even when you open the first button of your shirt, your V-neck tee will be invisible, so it’s the perfect layer under all your shirts. 

If you want to wear a tee on its own and you’re a little shorter, don’t look anywhere else, the V-necks are your best choice! The same goes for those who’re looking to create a slimming effect: this neckline naturally elongates the neck and provides balance to rounder or wider faces. 

V-necks are also great for your smart-casual looks. Pair a V-neck tee with

chinos, add an unstructured blazer, boat shoes or leather sneakers, and you have the perfect work or dinner time uniform.

You can also wear a high-quality V-neck tee under your summer suit. Bye, dress shirts! See ya never (or in the fall). 

Crewneck vs. V-necks for the summer 

We’re in the heat of the summer, and guys are feverishly stocking up on the tees. So which ones work better for this hot season? 

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you need something to wear with your linen slacks, chino shorts or under a light merino sweater, go for a V-neck. 

But this neckline looks great in casual settings too. Just make sure your V cut is not too deep (nobody wants 2000s vibes here). 

A crewneck is excellent for all your nature trips, weekend getaways and barbecues in the garden. It’s are more casual and doesn’t make it look like you’re trying too hard. 

Lastly, if V-necks are just not your jam, you can pair your crewneck with a blazer and fitted trousers too. For an ensemble that’s classic, casual and camera-worthy, wear a crewneck t-shirt with navy dress pants.