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Creator confirms Allison Road is back in development

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Months after canceling Allison Road, the project inspired by PT, Lillith Ltd. announced on Facebook that the game is back in development.

Allison Road

The developer revealed this after the fans have noticed on their activity profiles for the first time since announced that they would continue working on it. Thus, the studio published a status on Facebook in which they confirmed that such activity is due to return to work in game development.

” I took a bit of time off Allison Road, went back to work and had a good look at all the stuff that had been done up to that point. I started making a few changes to the story, a few scribbles here and there, some layout tests and before I knew it it sort of organically picked up pace,” said Christian Kesler, creator of Allison Road.

It is important to note that, for the moment, the conditions under which Allison Road returns are unknown. That is, Team17 has not confirmed whether it will support this project of Lillith Ltd., a scenario that does not seem to be a possibility after the dealer confirmed about the abandonment of the project.

On the other hand, Chris Kesler confirmed to Polygon that the project will be on Kickstarter and so far, all development costs will come out of his bag. That said, it does not rule out that in the future he will seek some kind of external financing.

“Actually I’m working freelance jobs to earn money to finance development. Thankfully everyone who helped me up to this point was very supportive along the way and kept things affordable for me. And I’m very grateful for that,” said Kesler.

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Allison Road is a horror game for PC that came to Kickstarter last year and reached its funding goal in less than a month. That said, the developer canceled his campaign on crowdfunding site after it reached an agreement with Team17.