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Creative Writing Games & Activities for Kids

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Kids these days tend to get bored easily. It needs extensive creativity and research to keep them busy. And with so much of a digital era, they need the education to be creative too with Creative Writing Games.

If you hand them a pen and book, they will get bored within 30 seconds. Thus, it is important to teach them by indulging them in creative writing games and educational activities

Even educational experts state that the more creatively you teach a child, the better they grasp and remember the concepts. Hire a nerd online to help kids write better.

Thus, here are a few ideas for creative writing games and activities for kids.

#1 Creating letter using different materials

Like we mentioned above, if you try and teach your kid, alphabets or words with paper and a pen, they will surely lose interest. Thus try using this technique to teach them alphabets and words.

Use different materials such as clay, wool, flour, sand, stones, ice cream sticks, or anything that is available in the house to create different letters. Indulge in teaching as though it is their playtime. When they make an A out of clay, praise them for their creativity.

In this way, they will want to learn more and never get bored during the process.

#2 Use videos to explain concepts

A human brain first captures the visuals and then moves on to the text. Thus, if you incorporate videos into the kid’s learning process, it will turn out to be a miracle. In fact, you will notice instances when the child states examples that they have seen in the videos. 

Concepts such as community workers, storytelling, and different expressions can be easily taught through videos. And try interactive videos to see how your child instantly reacts and answers to the voice in the video.

#3 Dedicate a time for educational games

Be it on the screen or physically, try playing educational games with the child. You can turn the games by incorporating the concepts you want to teach the child. 

For example, Pictionary can be twisted and played in so many ways. For example, you tell the word they tell the spellings or they have to identify the first alphabet of the word and more. Thus mold the regular games into conceptual games and see the difference.

Apart from these, there are infinite paid and free educational games available on the internet. These help students to build thinking, research, communication, and hearing skills. On the other hand you can use the best essay writing service that makes the study easier. You could play it along with your child, thus tracking their progress.

To conclude,

Someone has truly said that childhood is the best time in life. It is one period that everyone regrets not returning back. Thus, make it as colorful for your kids as you can. 

These experiential learning methods will ensure that the child enjoys learning, and will also build a great bond with the child. 

Moreover, anything that makes the child happy can be made a part of the learning process. You will start noticing the kid’s interest in education sooner than you thought!