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Crazy Rabbids: Adventure Party Announced for Nintendo Switch, New Trailer Released

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After Mario + Rabbids, the famous lunar rabbits of Ubisoft are coming back exclusively to Nintendo Switch. The publisher has announced a new game dedicated to Rabbids called Crazy Rabbids: Adventure Party, but there are some necessary clarifications to be made, at least for now.

The title was announced, via a post, only in China, so it is not clear if it will also land in the West. As you can see from the announcement trailer, this project has an Asian setting. To be more precise, it seems that the game is inspired by the famous Chinese novel “The Journey to the West.”

According to a report, it seems that this new exclusive title for Switch will be playable during ChinaJoy from August 2nd to 5th. Another interesting detail is that, using google translate has got some more information on the title, although it may not be quite reliable, given the methods used.

In any case, thanks to their article we have a name for this project which, according to google translate, could be called Crazy Rabbids: Adventure Party. Moreover, in the post where the announcement is present, Ubisoft declares to have given life to the title to create unique experiences for Chinese players.

This may suggest that the exclusivity for Switch may not arrive in the West. To get more information on this, we can only wait for official declarations from Ubisoft.

Check the announcement trailer of the game below.

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