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Crackdown 3 Reveal Information Coming Soon

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We have been around for quite some time without new information related to Crackdown 3 , but it seems that will change soon, as the official Twitter account promised more details in the following days.

“2017 is shaping up to be great! Crackdown 3 info is on the horizon, and we’re ready to bring the boom!” the company wrote on its Twitter account, accompanied by a picture of the game.

And while this might seem like a direct insinuation to Project Scorpio’s upcoming announcement, it looks like the game will be saved for another time. “We have no insight in to what other teams are working on, but Crackdown news will start rolling out BIG TIME in the coming months,” the studio commented when a fan asked if he was likely to see the game tomorrow on Thursday, April 6.

Undoubtedly, the phrase “coming months” makes us think that the game will appear at the conference of Microsoft in the framework of E3 2017, event to be held on June 11. Likewise, we may see news about Crackdown 3 before, perhaps through an exclusive revelation.

Planned to debut in 2016, Crackdown 3 was delayed by Microsoft for some time in 2017. The reason for the date change, according to the company, was because they had already filled their lineup for the end of the year. However, some time later, the boss of Microsoft Studio, Shannon Loftis, explained that the modification was to give the development team more time to work on the campaign.

For now, we can only hope to know more about Crackdown 3, a title that will be available on Xbox One and PC.