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Crackdown 3 Gets Rated By Australian Classification Board

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One of the signs that the release of a game is approaching is usually known by the rating agencies when they issue their evaluation on the upcoming games. Thanks to these agencies we have discovered the existence of titles that had not even been announced, and they are always a sign that the premiere of a game is approaching. It is not that at this point there are too many doubts, but thanks to the Australian classification agency we know that the release of Crackdown 3 is a little bit closer. The game that is being developed by Sumo Digital has appeared on the website of the agency, and has also revealed some details of what we will find in the title.

Anyone who has played previous titles of the franchise will not be surprised to find violence, or rough language in the game, but may find on the card the presence of s*x in the game, as well as dr*g use.

Taking into account that we will face, predictably, ordinary criminals we wonder if Sumo Digital has wanted to take a more adult turn to the game with the presence of dr*g trafficking and trafficking in white between the activities of the enemies of the agency.

All said we are heading to the last week before having a new dose, and new information of Crackdown 3 since as we already told you the game will be available in FanFest and X018, to be held in Mexico City next weekend.

We are eager to know more about the game, especially it’s multiplayer, and we will be very attentive to everything that may arise this week prior to X018, so stay tuned to our website for more news.

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