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Crackdown 3 is still in development

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Answering a question to a user on Twitter, Phil Spencer has confirmed that Crackdown 3 is still in development, despite not having news about the game for many months, specifically since last spring.


Crackdown 3 is undoubtedly one of the most promising titles of Microsoft’s catalog, but development is progressing at a slow pace. As often happens in such situations, there are already those who spoke of problems in the development and even cancellation. Luckily Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter to calm the storm.

At E3 in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced the postponement of the project in 2017: Spencer wanted to reassure everyone about the existence of the game, even claiming to have seen a few days ago the latest build, declaring himself surprised by the aesthetic sector, particularly superior.

In addition to this, however, there are no other news about the game, according to some rumors the development would be moved on Xbox Scorpio because of the many problems encountered with the use of Cloud technology on Xbox One, but these are only speculations that Phil Spencer has never denied or confirmed.

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