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Crackdown 3 confirmed for PC, will be a Xbox Play Anywhere title

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Microsoft, through a message on Twitter, has confirmed that Crackdown 3, a title currently in development for several years for Xbox One, will also arrive on PC via the Windows Store and support the feature of “Xbox Play Anywhere”.

By purchasing the title then, we can play a digital copy of the product both on consoles and PC with the ability to load save games in the cloud. The title, coming out later this year, will surely be shown at E3 next month.

It has been nearly two years: the last time we saw Crackdown 3 was at Gamescom 2015. The game was still quite in a immature version.

The development team that is working on this third installment of Crackdown seems to have failed to grasp the most of its spirit, the fact of destruction. Explosions and buildings that may collapse one floor after another can give life to tactics never seen before, you think maybe to blurt out some boss in a rather creative. And then the cloud-based technology, together with the power of Project Scorpio can further escalate the desire to find out what the game has in its plot.

The development team has for some time is now promoting the presence of Crackdown 3 at E3 2017 through the various social networks. And for sure it will be one of the most important games for Scorpio. Let’s take advantage of all that power!