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Crackdown 3: an insider hints at problems in the game development

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In expressing his thoughts about the cancellation of Scalebound, the insider Shinobi602 hinted at the possible problems even for Crackdown 3. Apparently the development would encounter various problems, although not as severe as those of the weblog title of Platinum Games.

Canceling Scalebound was a real boulder on the line-up of Xbox for 2017. Added to this is Crackdown 3 that could also be at risk. The cancellation of Scalebound has lifted quite a few questions about Xbox One exclusives and of course some of these issues have turned to the so-called Crackdown 3 which is still as discreet since its announcement.

“I’ve heard Crackdown isn’t going too hot either, though nothing as bad as this (Scalebound),” these are the words of Shinobi602, which have to be taken with care, despite his sources has proven to be always very reliable.

If one believes the wordings of Shinobi, if the game is still very discreet it is mainly because the development of the title is very complicated and it will take a while longer before Microsoft will come to tell us about it. However, things are not so serious for the game and as a priori, it is not likely to be canceled.

Crackdown 3 is currently expected for 2017 and it is possible that it may be one of the launch games of Project Scorpio, a full reveal of the game should be demonstrated at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.