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Court Approves Nike’s Request to Restrain MSCHF From Selling “Satan Shoes”

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The court approved Nike’s appeal for a short-term hold back order in opposition to MSCHF. The start-up MSCHF from Brooklyn sells “Satan Shoe.” MSCHF and rapper Lil Nas X have collaborated, and it coincided with his new launch of the recent song “MONTERO.” Court restricted MSCHF to accomplish “Satan Shoe” orders. New York’s Eastern District issued these lawsuits against MSCHF.

Reason behind Nike’s legal actions

As per the court statement, MSCHF cannot apply Nike’s trademark, its notorious “Swoosh” symbol. Along with any other logo that is perplexingly familiar to Nike’s.

Nike recorded copyright contravention lawsuits before two days of the court’s ratification emerged against MSCHF.

MSCHF designed Nike Air Max 97 without authorization. Nike has stated that they are entirely unaware of the making of Satan Shoes. There was even a boycott on Nike, but the company has no connection to this production.

Biblical references of Satan Shoes

Satan Shoe resembles Satan falling from heaven, and it contains real drops of human blood inside the soles. Six employees of MSCHF also wrote “Luke 10:18” on the shoe. In the past, MSCHF launched “Jesus Shoes”- remodeled like Nike Air Max 97s.

Lil Nas declared that the 666th pair of Satan Shoes are available via Twitter. The price of each pair is $1018, and all got sold out after the sale.

The singer defended his collaboration with his single. The song got significant attention and opened at the top spot on the list of 100 hit charts, Billboard.

Fox business tried to speak with both MSCHF and Nike on-court statements of a short-term blocking order.

MSCHF released a statement saying that they were offering a program of buyback of Jesus Shoes. The company’s attorney David H. Bernstein noted that the company achieved its artistic purpose. The shoes represented art, a sense of inclusion, and equality.