Could the Cancellation of Disney Infinity Actually Mean Better Games (and More of Them?)

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You might have recently seen the news that Disney will be ending its Infinity line of toys-to-life games and figures. Similar to Nintendo’s successful amiibos and the wildly popular Skylanders franchise, Infinity included both the Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes franchises. While it was well received by critics, it was unable to develop the user-base necessary to sustain the line. Disney will also be closing the nearly 30-year-old video game company, Disney Interactive Studios, and focusing instead on licensing out its properties to different developers, a move that could end up boding well for fans.

Marvel Heroes

The company will instead be focusing on allowing third-party development teams to craft its titles as seen with the recent Star Wars: Battlefront by Electronic Arts. This is in addition to established crossover franchises such as the popular Kingdom Hearts series of role-playing games developed in conjunction with Square Enix. The third entry in the Kingdom Hearts series was recently confirmed for a post-April 2017 release for current-gen consoles, though there are still rumors and possibilities of several games in the meantime.

While Disney has traditionally kept its stable of characters close to the chest, Marvel has long licensed out some of its most popular properties for video games of all shapes and sizes. With other developers able to finally work with the publisher’s IPs, fans might finally be treated to the Marvel games they’ve been waiting for. There is already  a variety of casino games based on Marvel characters available online that offers comic book themed takes on classic games such as slots, roulette, and more. Marvel’s characters have a level of name and face-recognition that is difficult to find (and harder to achieve), and might only be rivaled by the characters of Disney. Even the most casual of gamers and comic book fans are at least somewhat familiar with Iron Man and even lower-tier characters such as Blade. With these characters receiving casual games like casino offerings and mobile titles, it makes you wonder when they’re going to get in gear and finally create some AAA Marvel titles for consoles.

Captain America: Civil War is officially a runaway hit and has grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide. This success has many calling for Civil War video game and we’re inclined to agree with them. While there was a Civil War expansion for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, there has yet to be a stand-alone video game taking advantage of the movie. If Marvel’s smart, they’ll take advantage of the film’s popularity.

Disney has already shown that it’s willing to throw some muscle behind the Star Wars games with two additional titles currently planned. One is set to be led by the former creative director of the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig, and the other is to be developed by Respawn, creators of Titanfall. If the House of Mouse takes a similar approach with Marvel, the sky could be the limit with an established cast of characters and a preexisting movie audience already eager for quality games. We’ll just have to wait and see what this move will mean for the future of video games at Disney, but the possibilities are definitely bright.