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Cotton Reboot Shoot ‘Em Up Coming to PS4, Switch and PC

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A new version of the shoot’em up, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, of 1991 was announced in Japan, but it is not yet known if the game, Cotton Reboot, will arrive in the West.

The Japanese company Beep announced Cotton Reboot, a new version of the Shoot’em up Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, for Switch, PC and PS4. The announcement is part of the 40th-anniversary celebration of Success Corporation, developer of the original game that continues to this day, publishing works such as Umihara Kawase and Touch Detective in Japan.

Cotton is a sidescroller shoot’em up in which the player controls the homonymous witch on a journey in search of their favorite candy. The player then faces fantastic creatures (like gnomes, treants and dragons) through the stages using their magic and the fairy aid to attack. In addition to increasing the player’s score, defeating them offers upgrades to the character’s attack.

In addition to the original arcade version released in 1991, the title was later released for Turbografx-CD, Sharp X68000, PlayStation and Neo Geo Pocket Color. The new version of Cotton Reboot is based on X68000, but will also feature a new “Arrange” mode designed for today’s video games.

The company, however, has not commented on a release date of the game on the new platforms and it is not known whether the title will arrive in the West.

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