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Cory Barlog Has Plans for 5 Sequels of God of War

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Update:  Through a posting on his Twitter account, Cory Barlog clarified the comment he made during the conversation with Kotaku. According to the creative, making 5 games would be something that would “kill” him, so he is sure that reality will be different from what he said.

“Okay. To be honest, 5 games would literally kill me. You can rest assured the reality is going to be more measured than the speculation in the Kotaku discussion,” he said.

Original: Until now, God of War has been a success being acclaimed by critics, well received by fans and having good sales in Japan and the United Kingdom. For this reason, it would not be surprising to learn that Sony wants Santa Monica Studios to develop more titles. Although there is still a long way to go to confirm this, it is a fact that Cory Barlog, the director of the most recent title, already has ideas for 5 sequels.

We say this because it was Barlog who commented on it in a recent interview with Kotaku. When asked about how much he has planned for the future of the series, the creative confessed that he already has in mind what will happen in the next 5 games of the franchise.

Now, that Barlog has plans for more games of God of War does not mean that they will be done. That is to say, everything depends on Sony Interactive Entertainment having plans for more titles and accepting Barlog’s proposals to do them. That said, we believe that with the good reception of God of War, the creative will have no problem convincing their bosses.

Later in the interview, Barlog confessed that developing God of War took him 5 years and he hopes that making all the sequels he has in mind will take less than 25 years. So, he’s working to discover a way to make the development of his games at a faster rate.

“No [I’m planning to work in God of War for 25 years]. I want to figure out how to make these things faster (…) On this one, everything really needed to be redone, because we just had torn the engine apart in so many different ways that when we finally brought the team together, everyone realized, ‘OK, this is not where it needs to be.’ So even when you see E3 2016, the rendering engine wasn’t there, the lighting engine was half-there, the atmospheric engine was half-there (…) We knew what we wanted, we just didn’t know technologically how we were going to get it in the right order,” he said.

God of War is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 from April 20. What do you think of Barlog’s statements? Do you think future titles should follow the ideas of this director? Tell us in the comments below.