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England launches coronavirus tracking system?


The device will be the basis of the British strategy to relax the confinement in force for more than two months. The British government announced on Wednesday the launch in England of a system to track people infected with coronavirus and detect those to whom they may have transmitted the disease as a measure to allow for progressive deconfusion. This device will be the basis of the British strategy to relax the confinement in force for more than two months. In this article i’ll describe about coronavirus tracking system in England.  


The government announced in a statement: coronavirus tracking system


The UK is the 2nd most affected country in the world, after the United States, with 37,460 deaths from COVID-19 confirmed until Wednesday, which amounts to more than 46,000 if the suspected cases included. As of Thursday, 25,000 people specially hired and trained for the work will ensure the operation that “will allow to identify, contain and control the coronavirus, ” the government announced in a statement. These ” trackers ” will be able to check the contacts of ” 10,000 cases per day,” a capacity that increased “if necessary, ” he said.


People with whom you had direct contact


Starting Thursday, anyone testing COVID-19 should report their recent interactions to teams in the public health service. ” This may include members of your household, people with whom you had direct contact or with whom you were less than two meters away for more than 15 minutes,” the executive explained. People who come into contact with a positive case should be isolated for 14 days, whether or not they have symptoms.


Final conclusion 


Progressively lifting the confinement imposed on March 23, primary schools will reopen in England in early June, and non-food businesses expected to do so in the middle of that month. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, widely criticised for his management of the pandemic, promised on May 20 that the United Kingdom would have an effective tracking system by June. The system must also be supported by a mobile application that is being tested on the British Isles of Wight and should be rolled out nationally on a date yet to be defined. I hope now you are knowing about coronavirus tracking system. 


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