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Convincing reasons to add video interview to your recruitment drive

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New trends, techniques and technologies are making the recruitment procedures a lot more effective, efficient and streamlined. You can ensure that you carry out your recruitment programs in the best way with the advanced tools available.  The more you are using the dynamic methods, the better you can discover and achieve. 

You should check out video interview platforms because video interviews make the whole hiring or recruitment process easier, speedy , and more convenient for recruiters and applicants alike. It does not really matter where you or your applicants are or when your schedules align, in the presence of video interviewing, interviews can take place or happen anytime, anywhere. Not just this, video interviewing extends various types of other perks, making it trendy and adored among businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes. A survey suggests that sixty percent of the recruiters are already making use of video technology. To be more precise, maximum of the businesses and companies prefer using it for initial and early stages of screening to save resources and time. Actually, with the arrival of artificial intelligence and technology such as facial expression detection, video interviews is the next huge thing in recruiting. Have a look at some of the convincing reasons to add video interviews to your recruitment procedures.

No scheduling annoyances

No matter it is scheduling 1 interview or about twenty five, video interviews relieve the annoyance or headache of back and forth in scheduling face-to-face interviews. Just schedule the interviews for all the applicants at once and these fellows can answer those questions as per the convenience. Looking at the video responses of applicants, the recruitment manager can get a sense of whom to move forward in the procedure. Now you can screen and evaluate more applicants in less time.

Comparing your candidates is a breeze 

You would never need to worry about referring to your old notes when selecting your candidates. You can always go back and look at the interview  of the candidate again. You can even do the comparison of the interview with past interviews of successful employees at your business or company. In this way, you can ensure that you get the best candidates for your organization. Since you take up so many interviews in a single recruitment program, it gets challenging to remember everything. You might make notes but you do lose the spirit of the interview. You can catch the pure and untouched version of the interview through the video recorded. In this way, you can make the comparisons needed and make a quality decision.

Cater a consistent experience

You might agree that most of the face-to-face interviews get off track after a certain point and hiring manager misses to ask about a few important aspects. With one way video interviewing, you can always ensure to send pre-determined questions to all candidates and expect them to answer all of the questions. This would help you in decision making because you will have comparable points for every single candidate. In this way, since there would be consistency, you can get the best out of the procedures.

Remove stressors for the candidate

There are always plenty of good candidates who get stressed out in a situation of face to face interview. As a result of this, they are not able to showcase their domain knowledge. In the presence of video interviews, you allow the candidate set the stage in a stress-free environment. In this way, you can get the true essence of the calibre and skills of the candidates. What is the point if you lose a brilliant and skilful candidate just because of their face to face stress? 

Tempt passive applicants 

Not always an applicant is actively looking for a job and that is the reason why many drop off when they are told to do travelling for an interview, without knowing perks, benefits or salary of the job. With video interviews, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on such type of applicants. Since they would not need to travel for the interview purpose alone, they would be ready to take the interview. You can evaluate them through the video interview  and  make the choice for the further procedures. What is the point if your potential or effective candidates are getting missed because of the distance to be travelled factor?

Lessen small talk

You know, every type of face-to-face interview has a pinch of a tiny talk linked up and it turns out to be exhausting for hiring managers to conduct various in a day. With one-way video interviewing, you can come directly to the point, in the absence of any chit chat and save a lot of energy and time. It would be beneficial both for you  and the candidate.

Save travel price 

This is something that goes without saying. Your applicants can give interview anytime, anywhere with the assistance of video interviews. So, you don’t need to worry about flying them in, pay for food and hotel. The point is, no matter they are in the same city, province  or not; you can evaluate them through video interview. Moreover, you won’t need to panic about the timing too. Anybody can take up video interview at any time when doing it from their residence.

A minor test of technical abilities 

Well, a clean and crisp interview recorded by an applicant indicates in a way that the applicant knows how to make use of new technology. In a way, the video interviewing is going to help reveal the attention to detail and readiness of the candidates. You can be somewhat ensured about his or her adaptiveness too.  Indirectly you would get to know about the aspect of the candidate that would help you make your final decision. 


So, you must check out a good, reliable, qualitative and professional video interview platform to ensure that you carry out your recruitment programs in the best and productive manner. You can be sure that you get the best candidates with the least efforts.