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Control PS4 File Size Smaller Than Xbox One

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Control, the next major launch of the creators of Quantum Break, Max Payne and other similar works, will go on sale tomorrow. This, therefore, is a new opportunity for Remedy Entertainment, which they will try to use to shine again in the industry as they did on certain occasions in the past. This time, however, we will not discuss the game itself, but certain technical points of it, specifically the one that has to do with its file size.

A couple of weeks ago, the file size of Control was revealed by the Microsoft Store, this being one of 34 GB. Now, on the other hand, in returning to the file size we observe that this size has been increased to 39 GB. In contrast, the game in question will occupy considerably less hard drive space on PlayStation 4, and so players on the Sony platform should ensure that they will require only 24.49 GB free space within their system.

At this point we do not know a strong reason that can explain a difference of almost 15 GBs, it is worth remembering that Control will not use any kind of graphics improvement – exceptional – by platform that could partially explain this change in the data. In this way, we may have to wait for tomorrow to end up our doubt.

The new title of Remedy Entertainment will be available on August 27. We will not only be able to play it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also on PC.

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