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Control Won’t Support HDR, Locked at 30fps on PS4 & Xbox One

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505 Games Brand CM Lucas Liaskos revealed that Control will not support HDR which is releasing on August 27th on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

Liaskos revealed this information in a public tweet exchange with a fan of the upcoming title of the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. However, it has been specified that there will be support dedicated to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X with “enhanced features”, although all versions will run at 30fps.

It is not clear what these features will be for the accuracy but it is possible to imagine, first of all, a higher resolution on the consoles of mid-gen. While it’s a bit embarrassing, Control still looks pretty good even without HDR enabled and, hopefully, it’s something that will be implemented later, as Liaskos says.

Set in a parallel, inexplicable and changeable reality, Control is a third-person video game of action and adventure that combines firefights, which made the previous Remedy titles famous, with paranormal ability.

A secret New York agency has been infiltrated by a terrible otherworldly threat, the players will play the role of Jesse Faden (Courtney Hope), the new director of the agency, who will have to try to regain control.

In recent news, it was confirmed that the length of the game will be 15-20 hours long. On the other hand, the PC version of the game will not be downgraded, according to one of the heads of the studio.

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