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Control Guide: How to Unlock Shield Ability

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You might be wondering how to get the Shield power in Control. It is one of the most required options for the defensive purpose at the time of combat. To gain access to this power you will need to make a good amount of progress in the game. So, in this guide we will tell you how to get the Sheild power in Control and how to use it.

How to Unlock Shield in Control and Use it:

Once you have completed the Directorial Override mission, you will get a notification of a new Object of Power that you can get, and it is none other the “Sheild”. The name of this mission is called “A Good Defense” and you can easily track it down on the Mission Screen. It is a side mission which is useful to get the Shield Power.

You will need to go to Central Maintenance and then go to the north side of the map after passing the NSC Power Plant. Here, you will have to shoot the Red Hiss Blobs or Red Objects on the ceiling and thus gain access to the Field Training area.

After entering the Field Training area, you will have to complete a test course in 45 seconds. This will include shooting targets, using the Launch ability to turn on switches and climbing. Once you have completed it, you just need to defeat an Object of Power. You can defeat it by throwing objects which protect it back at it. This way the Object of Power will be killed and it will then let you to get the Shield ability.

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