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Control Guide: How to Unlock Every Outfits in the Game

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In Control our protagonist may have different outfits. Let’s see how to unlock all the Control outfits in this guide.

Control is the new third-person action by Remedy Entertainment. The game released just recently for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, enjoys destructible environments and innovative features in the world of a third-person shooter. Like any self-respecting game, even in this, there is the personalization of our protagonist. Through certain steps, in fact, in Control we can unlock different skins, but let’s see how!


How to unlock all outfits in Control:

Let’s start by saying that all the clothes in Control are completely aesthetic and in no way enhance the protagonist.

Unlock Office Assistant Outfit in Control:

This outfit consists of a white short-sleeved shirt, blue trousers and an FBC employee badge. This dress will be given to you as a reward after completing the section of the game through which you will perform office duties in the Oldest House, towards the end of the story.


Unlock Candidate P7 Outfit in Control:

The Candidate P7 Outfit consists of a sweatshirt that has the “P7” logo on the front and back, as well as gray trousers. The dress in question is found once the Prime Candidate program is reached in the game. This outfit will not be present until you have explored this area and found the cabinet with the letter inside. The Prime Candidate Program area is located in the Containment Sector.


Unlock Asynchronous Suit in Control:

For the costume in question, you will need to obtain a level 6 authorization. You can find this outfit during the Self-Reflection mission. The dress is on the research plan, more precisely in a place called Synchronicity Lab. Here you will have to look for a room full of mannequins as one of them will wear this outfit.


Unlock Golden Suit in Control:

The Golden Suit is a yellow dress with a gray shirt. This is an outfit that you can achieve by completing one of the puzzles around the game. The puzzle in question is completely optional and can be found in the Luck and Probability section of the research wing. To complete the puzzle you will have to place or activate certain objects, turn on all the lights in the roulette room and activate it, so as to get the number 7.


Unlock Director’s Suit in Control:

This dress will be unlocked once the main quest is over. The outfit consists of a blue jacket, white shirt and, in addition to this, will change the hairstyle of our Courtney Hope. This is one of the most beautiful costumes in Control.


Unlock Janitor’s Outfit in Control:

This dress is, essentially, a blue-colored janitor’s work suit. The latter is unlocked by completing the secondary missions, What a Mess side quests with Ahti.


This was our guide on how to unlock all the outfits in the game, was it helpful? If you want to check out more tips, tricks, and guides of the game, be sure to check out our Control guide wiki at this link.