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Control Guide: The Mirror Puzzle Solution

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In this new guide on Control, we will see the solution to the well-known mirror puzzle. We will discover together all the details and how to solve them.

Control is a Remedy title, published just recently. In fact, since August 27, 2019, the game is available on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One. In this special and particular guide, we will discover a series of details that will help us in solving the mirror puzzle.

How To Solve the Mirror Puzzle in Control:

In Control, the side missions will also be very common, rather than main missions they are objectives. In order to complete them, there is a need, of course, to perform certain actions within the game. One of the most interesting goals to be achieved is within an area which can only be accessed with a level 6 card.

In this area, you will find yourself facing a puzzle, namely: finding the right combination of open and closed doors. They are positioned on two raised floors and in the center of the two floors there will be a mirror, locked in turn by another door that will open when you find the combination of the side doors. To understand what the correct combination is, just look at the security cameras.

Here is the combination for Mirror Puzzle Solution:

As mentioned above, it will be essential to use security cameras to understand the right combination of open and closed doors. These are security doors that you can modify using some panels. You will have to watch the surveillance camera footage. Once you have seen it, the solution suggested will be:

  • Doors to the right of the mirror: CLOSED-CLOSED-OPEN
  • Doors to the left of the mirror: OPEN-OPEN-CLOSED
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Once the puzzle has been solved you will find yourself in a room in which there will be a mirror, able to catapult you into a sort of parallel universe where you will have to face a new boss.

This was our guide regarding the solution of the mirror enigma in Control. If you want to check out more tips, tricks, and guides of the game, be sure to check out our Control guide wiki at this link.