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Control Guide: How To Get FOV Slider & Remove Motion Blur (Mods)

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The action-adventure game of Remedy Entertainment, Control, is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Now, many players have realized that there is no option for FOV Slider in Control. To solve this issue, however, modders have created a new Mod called “Control FOV Changer”. In addition, there is also a Mod that removes Motion Blur in Control. In this guide, we will explain how to get FOV Slider in Control and also how to remove Motion Blur from Control game.

How To Get FOV Slider in Control:

First of all, you will need to download the “Control FOV Changer” mod by visiting this link. After that download Winrar software by searching it on Google and install it in your PC. Now, right-click on the downloaded file and choose the option to extract the content to the desktop or in the game’s folder.

After that, simply run “CTRL_FOVChanger” file that you have extracted before launching the game. Then just press F1 to increase the FOV or F2 to decrease it. Note that, this mod is available for both DX11 and DX12 version of the game.

How To Remove Motion Blur in Control:

There is also a Mod to remove Motion Blur in Control, all you need to do is, first, download the same mod from here. Extract it similarly in the game’s folder with the Winrar or 7zip software. After that, launch the game and while you are playing it, you just need to press the F4 key on your keyboard to turn on/off motion blur in the game.

As a second option, you can also try to edit its .ini file found in the game’s installation folder and search for “w2=1” in the same file and change it to “w2=0” to turn off the motion blur in Control before even launching the game. Note that this mod supports the DX11 version of the game only.

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