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Control Guide: Best Skills, Weapon & Mods; Tips & Tricks for Surviving

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Control, the latest effort of the creators of successful titles like Alan Wake and Max Payne, has finally reached the shelves of all the stores and it has been welcomed in a more than positive way. Before embarking on the adventure starring the beautiful Jesse Fayden, you may need a small guide that allows you to start off on the right foot and know right from the start what are the best skills to enhance and the most useful resources to preserve. So let’s start with our list of tips to deal with the game of Control in the best way.


Best Skills in Control:

In Control the player is given the opportunity to unlock different abilities to enhance the protagonist and, as you can easily guess, it will be very important to spend the first few points obtained and playing in the right way, so as to make the initial phases of the game less difficult.

So what are the best skills in Control? As often happens in this kind of titles, energy and health upgrades have the absolute priority, which will give you an extra boost during the fighting. If having many life points, it will help you survive more attacks from your opponents, having a little extra energy will help you never to be defenseless against the enemy.

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned 4 skill points and, in this case, our advice is to spend one of each on the various branches of the relative tree, and then continue to enhance energy and health with the next ones. As for the combat skills, the ones that will come back to you most are definitely the Shield ability and the Launch ability. The first one serves not only to unlock a trophy/goal, but also to survive adversary attacks that could otherwise be deadly for the protagonist.


The Launch, on the other hand, is a skill thanks to which you can throw objects of the scenario against your opponents in order to reset their shield and make them vulnerable to your attacks. If you run out of skill points and want to get some of them at all costs, the quickest way to do it is to complete some side quests. Many of collateral activities of Control give a reward to a point to spend to unlock one of Jesse’s many abilities.

Use your Weapons Calmly in Control:

One of the main currencies of Control takes the name of Source and can be obtained in various ways, among which we find the elimination of the adversaries. Since this is a useful currency for unlocking and upgrading mods, you may not always have a large amount of Source available to enhance Jesse’s special weapon, which can take five different forms that, despite the names, can be traced back to the following types of instruments of death: pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle and rocket launcher.

Just as with the mods, there is no form whose effectiveness in battle is significantly higher than the others, so it is up to the player to decide which is better to focus on. The advice we can give you is to unlock as many as possible before proceeding with upgrades, so as to be sure not to waste precious resources.

Using Mods in Control:

Customizing your equipment with the right mods will give the protagonist something extra and will allow you to overcome the most difficult situations with much less effort. During the adventure you will have access to many mods that can be applied to the weapon and to the character, improving some aspects or adding for example bonuses to damage. It is almost impossible to establish absolutely what the best changes are, since this depends strongly on your style of play.

If you tend to die often, the right choice is almost certainly to increase your maximum health with specific mods; if instead you want to throw objects at enemies, it is preferable to increase the amount of energy available. It should also be noted that the bonuses are cumulative, so you could use two different mods that allow Jesse to inflict more blow damage to the head to make precision damage extremely effective.

We must not forget that the space dedicated to mods in your inventory is limited and it is, therefore, advisable to disassemble those that you are sure you do not want to use, so as to leave free slots for more useful or rare mods. Should you need to advance a bit of Source, know that the game allows you to spend this currency to upgrade the mods available to you or update the list of random changes that can be made in the appropriate menu. But we must consider that the Source is not the only currency needed to obtain and upgrade some mods and, together with it, materials that are much more difficult to obtain are needed, which will have to be used with some care.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving in Control:

Control is not a role-playing game and, although there are skills to unlock, the protagonist cannot level up. In addition to upgrading Jesse with the skill points unlocked upon completion of some activities, the only way you will have to keep up with the fearsome opponents will be to learn how to fight them. In fact, there is no system of covers in the game and the artificial intelligence of the opponents is rather aggressive and will ensure that they tend to move towards you and hit you.


The best way to handle enemies during a fight is to move continuously, perhaps using the extremely useful dodge. When things go wrong and your health is close to zero, using the shield to reach a healing object could be crucial.

During your journey, it is also advisable to continue shooting the enemies with the particular weapon of the protagonist and, when the bullets in the magazine are scarce, start using the skills to further damage the opponents without ever stopping.

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